GID! Video Of The Week: Paramore Wake Up Roseville In Rose-Colored Boy Video

Paramore are so on fire! The After Laughter era is bringing us one great video after the other. We already loved the colorful “Hard Times” video, the stylish one for “Told you so” and Hayley dancing through a NYC full of unhappy people in “Fake Happy”. The brand new video for “Rose-Colored Boy”, directed by Warren Fu, was released on Monday and it’s one big spoof of the typical 80’s morning show: hilarious guests, non-sense topics and fake smiles in front of the camera. As soon as they turn off though, everyone starts bickering. 

Taylor York, Zac Farro and Hayley Williams have slipped into unusual roles as hosts of the show “Wake Up, Roseville”. But it soon shows that the hosts don’t have fun at all doing their job. In a key moment of the video, a young Hayley Williams – full of dreams about working as a journalist – asks her grown up pendant “What are you doing?”. Watch the video below to see how Hayley and the rest of the band react! 

We really love the 80’s style of the band. Especially Taylor York’s mustache is the best thing since Rou Reynold’s slipped into the role of news anchor Phillis McCleaveland for Enter Shikari’s video of “Arguing with Thermometers”. With the “Rose-Colored Boy” video, Paramore manage again to capture the After Laughter atmosphere perfectly. A fun video about faking happiness and finally getting rid of the self-inflicted misery by just being yourself. 


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