Wargasm Announce Debut Album ‘Venom’

The wait is finally over! Wargasm have announced their debut album Venom, due out October 27th.

“For the last 16 months we’ve spent every moment off the road in the studio creating the perfect debut album for Wargasm,” the duo explains. “Heavy, melodic, disgusting, honest, sexy, everything this band has experimented with since our inception has been pinned down on the anvil and hammered into shape, thrown at the wall, beaten into a more fucked up shape and gone back onto the anvil.”

Along with the album announcement comes their new single “Do it So Good,” which they tease is “a taste of what’s to come.”

“We hope you enjoy ‘Do It So Good’ as a taste of what’s to come. ‘Venom’ is us. This is ours and before the year clocks out this will be yours. Watch closely – you have no idea what’s gonna happen next x.”

Watch the video below.

Pre-order Venom here.

Wargasm will appear at Brighton’s On the Beach 2023 before they embark on a US tour with Corey Taylor. Check out all their dates here.




01. Introduction
02. Venom
03. Minigun
04. Death Rattle
05. Ride The Thunder
06. Do It So Good
07. Bang Ya Head
08. Feral
09. Sonic Dog Tag
10. Modern Love
11. S.A.D.
12. Outrage
13. Sombre Goodbye

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