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Album Review: Cane Hill – Too Far Gone

Release Date: January 19, 2018

Cane Hill’s latest effort, Too Far Gone, finds them establishing their own sound while facing the cold hard truth: everyone’s gotta die at some point. The theme of mortality bleeds through all 10 tracks from thrashing metal anthems to thoughtful ballads. And it’s one hell of a journey.

Cane Hill comes running out the gate with the fiery opening track “Too Far Gone.” With its intense, throbbing music, violent nature, and brooding vocals it is a bit reminiscent of early Slipknot, but it never sounds like a direct rip-off. It’s a raging number that properly gets you in the mood for headbanging.

“Lord of Files” keeps the intensity going, but has more of a groove showing off the band’s unique vibe. This groove seeps into the slower paced “Singing in the Swamp.” Though it’s more akin to a ballad, there’s nothing quiet about this song. It still has the heaviness and grittiness of their other songs. The same can be said for the well-meaning, yet repetitive “The End.”

The band keeps a good balance of slow tempo tracks mixed with searing aggressive songs, but it’s the loud, heavy, brutal tracks where they excel. Songs like “Hateful” and “10 Cents” have this great, crushing energy to them. As soon as the charging guitars and pummeling percussion hits you, you’re ready to start moshing no matter where you are. The songs are gritty, heart pumping, and get you ready for a fight, especially “Hateful,” which is your new favorite anthem when you’re having a bad day. These tracks demand your attention so much, it’s hard for songs like “Why?” and “Erased” to leave an impression. They aren’t bad, they’re just forgettable compared to the other tracks.

While mortality plays a big theme on the album, they break away from it on “Scumbag” to offer their view on Nazis: they suck. This is nothing but pure, kick-ass metal. You can feel the anger and hate rippling in this song. And in case they didn’t make it clear enough for you, it ends with “Nazi f***ing scum.”

Too Far Gone, is one of Cane Hill’s strongest efforts. The band expands their sound, finding a place where they fit comfortably in metal, yet don’t abandon the hardcore nature fans love. While it’s clear the boys still like to get loud, rowdy, and in your face, they also show their growth with heavy themes and mature songwriting. It’s a ripping good time that revs you up and gets you going.

Too Far Gone tracklist:
Too Far Gone
Lord of Flies
Singing In the Swamp
It Follows
10 ¢
The End

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Cane Hill - Too Far Gone
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