Andy Anderson, Former Drummer For The Cure, Has Died

Andy Anderson, the drummer who has worked with both Iggy Pop and The Cure, died on Tuesday (Feb. 26). He was 68.

Founding member of The Cure Lol Tolhurst confirmed the news on Twitter writing  “Andy Anderson was a true gentleman and a great musician with a wicked sense of humor which he kept until the end, a testament to his beautiful spirit on the last journey. We are blessed to have known him.”

Last week, Anderson revealed on Facebook that he had terminal cancer. He wrote “…I have Terminal 4 Cancer, and [there] is no way of returning back from that, it’s totally covering the inside of my body, and I’m totally fine and aware of my situation I’ve gone for a no resuscitation, with that, I have a next of kin, in place and there is no way I would want them to be looking [at] me as a vegetable, if I were to survived a resuscitation, because it may well involve the possibility of sustaining cracked ribs and Brain Damage, and I would hate to lay that on anyone… [P]lease, no boo hooing here, just be positive, for me it’s just another life Experience and Hurdle, that one has to make yet another Choice in life, be cool, I most definitely am and positive about the situation.”

Anderson joined The Cure in 1983 after original drummer Tolhurst switched to keys. His first contributions can be heard on “Speak My Language” and “The Love Cats.” He also appeared on The Cure’s 1984 album The Top as well as their live album, Concert. Other artists he’s worked with include Iggy Pop, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, the Sex Pistols’ Glen Mattlock, Edwin Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Isaac Hayes. More recently, Anderson was working as a solo artist and released several tracks under the moniker AAMuzik.

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