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Concert Review: Enter Shikari14.11.13 – Schlachthof Wiesbaden by Jennifer Klein


Hymns, bass, sweat, power and choirs, that’s a Enter Shikari Show! The kings of “Trancecore” gave us the honor and played at the Schlachthof in Wiesbaden.

After I have seen the guys from the UK 3 times on festivals, I was really excited to see an indoor gig.


The opening act were Hacktivist, who I was able to see at Rock am Ring this year. The band plays a mix of Metalcore and Rap. They´ve created a good mood and the first circle pit was formed. They will not make it into my favorite bands, since I was there for Enter Shikari.

Like Enter Shikari told us on their last album, they brought us “A Flash Flood of Colors”! The band has an amazing lightshow, it flashes and shines in all colors during the whole gig.


They began with the first two songs of the last album. First Song: System… (A-Capella Version) where everyone sang along with Rou, the lead singer. Then the silence was over as the first notes from Meltdown resounded. The Party and the first circle pit had started, and with me in the middle of it. I love it!

After a few songs the band incited the crowd to build a human pyramid. They didn´t have to tell me that again and I jumped onto the top as you can see here:


Enter Shikari played one hit after the other, they really know how to make the crowd keep going and how to hype everyone up to mosh or dance. They are one of the bands who interact with the crowd so great.

The singer himself is often in the middle of the circle and mosh pits during the concert and the crowd shouted loud, the atmosphere was boiling and there were lots of “Enter Shikari” chants.


After the encore of 3 songs, I think everyone was completely done and went home satisfied.

For me, Enter Shikari are better each time, their shows are relentlessly fun for your senses. If you like to party until the end, you’re dead right with these guys.

This band is at the top of my Bands-You-Have-To-See-Live List. You should listen to them, Enter Shikari is about to blow your speakers and minds! Until then, I enjoy, till the next gig.

Setlist (I´m not sure if it´s right, because I´m freaking out at the concert and I couldn´t remembered all the songs, maybe I forgot one 😉

System… (A-Capella Version)
Sorry, you´re not a winner
Ghandi Mate, Ghandi (Extended Drum Intro)
The Paddington Frisk
Rat Race (Bob Marley Intro and live trumpet played by Rou)
Arguing with Thermometers

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  • Great review for a great band. I was lucky enough to see them back in 2008. Hopefully I will get to see them again.


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