Cradle Of Filth Unveil New Song ‘Necromantic Fantasies’

Cradle Of Filth have shared the video for their new song “Necromantic Fantasties” taken from their upcoming album, Existence Is Futile.

The Victorian Gothic-inspired video, directed by Vicente Cordero, focuses on a young woman who becomes entranced by a murderous beast. The romance between the beauty and beast is cut short as local townspeople hunt the monster, pitchforks in hand, seeking vengeance for those he slaughtered. When beauty finds him again, her lover is slain, and not wanting to be apart, she meets her own demise to be with her love once again.

“This is a very different video from its predecessor, sporting more of a narrative amid leaning back toward a dark Victorian gothic vibe, showcasing the second of many unique tracks on this, our 13th album,” said frontman Dani Filth. “The concept wasn’t created by the pandemic. We’d written it long before that began, but the pandemic is the tip of the cotton-bud as far as the way the world is headed, you know?”

“It’s very cinematic, much like ‘Crawling King Chaos,’ but walking a much more ‘dark faerytale’ path. The director Vicente has done such an amazing job bringing the storyline together with the band and the incredible sets. It looks gorgeous. And the song is pretty good too,” he added.

Watch the video below.

Cradle Of Filth’s new album, Existence Is Futile, drops October 22nd. Pre-order a copy here.

The band will embark on their fall 2021 tour in October where they will play Cruelty And the Beast in full. 3Teeth and Once Human join as special guests. See all their dates here.

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