Dead Sara Returns With New Singles ‘UnAmerican’ and ‘Heaven’s Got A Back Door’ From Upcoming EP

Rock band Dead Sara is finally back with new music! Today (May 4) the band premiered two new tracks on Billboard: “UnAmerican” and “Heaven’s Got a Back Door.” The songs are taken from their upcoming EP Temporary Things Taking Up Space, which comes out June 8 via Atlantic Records. This makes it the band’s major label debut.

“We’ve done it on our own for a long time. We were always scared of major labels,” frontwoman Emily Armstrong tells Billboard. “But Atlantic has been really very supportive of what we’re doing and very easy to work with. They push us, and that’s what we needed more than anything. We couldn’t be more blessed.”

Since the release of their second album, 2015’s Pleasure to Meet You, the band have been writing songs and have more than 60. Though it’s enough for several new albums, the band prefer releasing new music on EPs. Their most recent release, 2017’s The Covers, was a four-song EP featuring cover versions of Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine.

They also shared the firey music video for “UnAmerican,” which Armstrong says isn’t a political song even though she sings “f*** you Donald Trump” loud and clear. She tells BillboardĀ “It’s not a political song, really. I know it says ‘F*** you Donald Trump, but it also says ‘f*** you, f*** everyone’ — it’s kind of me feeling the energy of what was going on at the time with the election and ISIS and everything. It felt like everybody was like, ‘What is happening in this world?!’ It was that type of energy, and once I got that riff I started going and it just wrote itself. We actually used the demo version and put it on the record, ’cause there was so much character in it from that moment we started working on it.”

According to Armstrong, a summer/ fall tour supporting the EP is in the works. Meanwhile, you can check out the new songs below.




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