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Em Drops New Album Pathway To Aetheria – An Intriguing Fusion Of Indie, Pop, And Folk

New Jersey-based singer and songwriter Em released a brand new album Pathway To Aetheria – an intriguing fusion of pop, soul, and folk. As her press release notes: ‘In Pathway To Aetheria, Em is sharing her journey towards enlightenment, reflecting the time it took her to protect her energy instead of pleasing everyone and trying to feel for them what didn’t belong to her.’

On Pathway To Aetheria, Em composed and wrote songs that match her style, aesthetics, and the persona she presents on social media – she is mysterious, poetic, and dreamy. She puts a haze of magical wicked vibe and displays her astrological-tarot-ish mood.  

The album contains eight evenly well-produced tracks that expose her maturity – both in the lyrics, and sounds sections. In comparison with her previous, debut album titled EM, Pathway To Aetheria is more thought-through as she focuses on her tuning and delivers better vocal performances. Em sounds way much more confident and self-assured – it may be an outcome of finding her own sound, as Pathway To Aetheria is sonically more consistent, or she simply stepped up her game. Nevertheless, the new release is a big push forward for Em and her growing career. 

About Em (Spotify

Em is a New Jersey native singer-songwriter who began her musical quest as a young child. With her iconic retro-pop influences, a soulful voice and sensual flair, she weaves intense memories of her emotional past into every lyric and melody she brings to life. 

Starting at the age of 12, her talents granted her the opportunity to work with Andy DiTaranto of Disney fame, Paul Atkinson, and Grammy Award-Winning engineer Tony Papa who counts 20 Gold and Platinum albums to his credit. At age 12, Em began her six-year collaboration with producer Andy DiTaranto.

In 2009, Em found herself standing behind the glass of Westlake Recording Studios’ venerated Studio C, where generations of musical superstars had come to record. There, she had the chance to sing into the same microphone that had recorded Britney Spears, the artist who had inspired her to dream of a career in music. In her teen years, Em cultivated her writing talents and explored a diverse array of genres. 

She discovered Alanis Morissette, Stevie Wonder, Pink, Billy Joel, and a host of others that would inspire Em to find her own voice. She performed at World Cafe Live’s Love Fest and was featured in Philly Rising series. In 2017 & 2018, Em was selected to perform at Durango Songwriters Expo. In 2019, she met her next producer in Manhattan, where they both met the change and transformation in music they desired


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