Enforced Release Bloody New Music Video ‘UXO’

Virginia-based crossover band Enforced have released their new video “UXO” from their new album, Kill Grid, which dropped earlier today.

The video, directed by J.D. Burrow, shows the band performing in the middle of a desert. Meanwhile, an armored soldier traverses the landscape searching for hidden mines. Unfortunately, they meet their demise in a bloody fashion before finding any explosives.

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, vocalist Knox Colby says “This song is lyrically self-explanatory. It’s about the cluster bombing of Laos during the Vietnam War. The main focus of the lyrics are about the cultural impact that the unexploded ordnance (abbreviated UXO) has had over the last 50 years. Over 20,000 people have died accidentally from stepping on these bombs that are the size of a softball and scattered over the entire country, which is predominantly covered in dense jungle (last I checked, 35% of the country is still contaminated with UXO). It’s an issue the United States has only recently owned up to, but the government won’t apologize for; it’s shameful.”

“When this song was written I was listening to 2 specific songs on repeat,” adds guitarist Will Wagstaff. ‘‘Dying’ by Obituary and ‘Corporal Jigsore Quandary’ by Carcass. Both tracks are just so driving with the double bass and grooviness and I wanted to try to write something somewhat in that vein.”

Watch the video below.

During our interview with Enforced, Colby spoke about recording the new album saying:

“It was a more conscious effort to get everything perfect. Like you said, with At the Walls, it was all at [our engineer] Bob Quirk’s F-12 Studio. We didn’t really change where we were recording. The only difference was going to [engineer] Ricky Olson’s The Ward [studio] for drums. Bob and Ricky are the guys who are in the studio capturing all the sounds for us. We’ve always worked with Bob; Ricky came on for Kill Grid. And doing the 2017 Retaliation [EP] kind of felt natural and normal too. I think the only difference with this one would be we just focused a little bit more.”

Kill Grid is out now.

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