GENRE IS DEAD! Top List: The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Hayley Williams

8. She talks about depression

Mental health is a serious issue that isn’t talked about enough. The fact that Hayley openly talks about the dark moments of her life is a big deal, especially since Paramore have a huge following of teenagers. These past years as the singer of Paramore haven’t always been easy. In 2010 Josh and Zac Farro left Paramore with the former publishing a “tell all” blog post calling Paramore a manufactured band. When the band took some time off to regroup and write new music, Hayley was hit by a tough writer’s block: “I was in this crazy depression about the album. I moved out of my house into my Mom’s apartment because I didn’t want to be by myself.”, she told Entertainment Weekly.

Last year, long time bassist Jeremy Davis quit the band accusing his former band member of “backstabbing” and cheating him out of money. A tough pill to swallow for Hayley, as she told the New York Times: “We were down another member — same old story almost from Day 1. It made me question everything — am I doing something wrong? You read things that people say about you and eventually you just think, ‘Oh, I must be some kind of diva bitch.’ I know that’s not me, but it caused a lot of self-doubt.”

Paramore’s new single “Hard Times” sounds like a new anthem for everyone “with their little rain cloud”. The lyrics are awfully desperate, but still fit the upbeat disco vibe of the track – it’s a bittersweet combination, almost calling everyone who suffers under those kind of feelings to just give up over-thinking them and dance instead. If real life just were so easy…

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