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Luca Chesney Opens Up in New Track “Revolver”

Following up on her promising self titled EP, New York based signer Luca Chesney is back with Revolver, the first single off her forthcoming EP Electric Mother. Not much is known about the mysterious singer, although the lyrics to Revolver speak volumes of lingering pain, and romantic escapades. Her song writing is poetic, but won’t leave you scratching your head wondering what she is trying to say, which is a good thing. The song shows a very vulnerable Luca, as she compares her failed romance to a loaded gun spinning on the floor. Perfectly completing the personal tale, is Luca’s emotive vocalization.

Luca also produces her own instrumentals. Her self titled EP released last year, flirted on the line between ambient and alternative electronic production. Revolver, although cohesive with her past project, shows that she is embracing a contemporary style of production. The instrumental is riddled with trap style hi-hats, deep bass synths, and 808 drum patterns, adding some serious edge to the track as a whole. Revolver is sure to strike a chord with alternative R&B listeners, and is a definite step in the right direction for Luca Chesney.

For more on Luca Chesney, be sure to follow her on Instagram @lucachesney


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