Panicland Officially Releases ‘Burn It All Down’

Panicland, the Winnipeg rock band who fooled the internet with a fake Green Day album, has officially released the song “Burn It All Down.”

The band recorded the song for the Magnum Opus of the Inglorious Kind LP they made as a love letter to their favorite band. Previously, they posted the songs on Soundcloud. They’ve been officially releasing the songs on streaming services over the past few weeks. They recently shared “Rome Falls” also taken from the LP.

Listen to “Burn it All Down” below.

Panicland sent Green Day fans into a frenzy when they began anonymously posting demos said to be from Green Day’s upcoming LP. It all started when a fake Green Day tracklist was posted online. The band decided to make the fake album a reality and began recording and leaking the songs online. It was later revealed that Panicland was behind the whole thing.

“When we saw the tracklistings we were like ‘Oh that would be much cooler to do as just a writing exercise.’ So we were just going to start it as just a fan-fiction album for ourselves, what we would want to hear as fans,” Braedon Horbacio told CTV News.

Panicland later shared a video showing how they made the album come to life. You can check it out below. And check out more of Panicland’s music here.


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