Stream Jared Dymbort’s New EP ‘My Old Victories’

Today marks the release of alt-rocker Jared Dymbort‘s third EP, My Old Victories. Recorded, produced, arranged and performed by Dymbort, it boasts a mix of his pop-rock sound with a retro rockabilly vibe. You can stream the EP in full below.

“The title My Old Victories is said in a lyric on “Declare”: All my old victories were never really fought,” says Dymbort. “It serves as almost the antithesis to the lyric on the album opener “Neglect”: We’ll neglect all our decisions and our decades old defeat”. It’s partially about grappling with how we perceive our battles from the past and occasionally revising those stories along the way to fit whatever narrative suits us in the present.”

He continues “One day in November 2017 I had a rush of productivity where I was able to write and record ten demos over the course of 24 hours. I was fascinated with trying a new approach to my songwriting in which I’d go with a verse heavy structure that focused on themes, such to the extent that each song was named after a theme. In spite of the folklike song structure and emphasis on lyrics, I wanted to make a record that fused my appreciation for digital beats and instruments with guitars. I picked my favorite four songs from the ten demos and spent the first half of 2018 trying different arrangements, four of which ultimately made it to My Old Victories. This was my first record that was recorded and mixed myself at my apartment studio with me playing on every instrument, which proved to be both an exciting and daunting task.”

While Dymbort currently doesn’t have a tour lined up in support of the release, he will be playing shows around New York in early 2019. Details have yet to be announced.

Pick up a copy of My Old Victories here.

Ashley Perez Hollingsworth

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