The Black Keys Release 10th-Anniversary Edition Of ‘Brothers:’ Listen

The Black Keys have released a deluxe version of their sixth studio album, Brothers, to celebrate its 10th-anniversary.

The new edition not only features a remaster of the 2010 album, but it also includes three new songs “Chop and Change”, originally released for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, along with never before released tracks “Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth” and “Black Mud Part II.”

Stream the album below.

Reflecting on 10 years of Brothers with Rolling Stone, Patrick Carney revealed how the album almost didn’t happen. Talking about how the band grew bored of routine after the release of their 2008 album Attack & Release, Carney said “If you keep doing the same thing, you start losing your minds. Eight years of being in a band touring in a van … it feels a lot longer. The Ramones never made it to the bus. They were touring actively for, like, 21 years. How intense that must have been for those guys. And [most of them] were dead within five or six years of the band stopping. They were sitting in a van for eight hours a day, eating junk food and shit. That’s probably what it was.”

“I wasn’t even sure he wanted to do the band anymore,” he continued. “Sometimes, we’re not the best at communicating with each other … Especially at the time, Dan was very anti-confrontational. I don’t even know if that’s a word. But sometimes he’s not the best at expressing himself. So I really didn’t know what was going on. I’m the opposite, where I really express myself.”

“It was a real thing, sort of,” Dan Auerbach said of the tension between him and Carney back then. “Once you get husbands and wives involved, things can change, you know. Things get more difficult.”

The Black Keys’ deluxe edition of Brothers is available to purchase on digital platforms, as well as CD, two vinyl discs, and nine limited-edition seven-inch singles. You can find them here.

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