The Young Gods – Not So Young But Full Of Energy!

The Young GodsDecember 7th 2013

The Young Gods, the name did ring a bell but I didn’t have an exact idea of what to expect.

Alternative yes, but nothing clearer than that. Anyway, attending concerts without knowing the bands, getting into the spirit of the gig without knowing exactly what I’m into is a thrill, always has been!

The Young Gods celebrate a 25 year old career, and because of that some concerts were scheduled in Lisbon and Oporto. One expression my husband said would make a great headline for the review: “they play rock without guitars”, though they had a guitarist once.

Not so skeptical there I was waiting for some harsh music and I wasn’t wrong. I was wrong about the type of harshness I’d find. A kind of synthesized (or electronic if you prefer), fast and growing rhythm with a strong drummer and a really deep voice. But this deep voice became versatile and smooth, or powerful and scary with the set going.

TheYoungGodsThis three-guys-team from Switzerland left the Hard Club standing and applauding. Actually they did try to leave 3 times. The last encore was only for the frontman, Franz Treichler, to stand for their adult condition. “We are not young and this is all we are capable of. Believe it or not” he said.

Well it looked like they could do that for hours.

People were enjoying, dancing, even singing in french. Like they said on their facebook page: “Great Gig, Great place, Great People…”

Funny was that he introduced some of the songs and his stage-mates in Portuguese with a perfect accent. It made the public proud!

THE SET – The set was based on two particular albums: “The Young Gods” (1987) and “L’eau rouge” (1989)

THE BAND – Franz Treichler (vocals)  |  Cesare Pizzi (mixture console)  |   Bernard Trontin (drums)

THE VENUEHARD CLUB two rooms for concerts, a restaurant and a bar. This room that takes 1000 standing people took its time to get some human energy and it got half of it but it was great!

HardClub_Oporto_Portugal_TheYoungGods          HardClub_Oporto_Portugal_TheYoungGods

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