Twenty One Pilots Release ‘Never Ending’ ‘Level Of Concern’ Video

Twenty One Pilots have shared their new, ambitious “never-ending” music video for their latest song “Level Of Concern.”

The video features footage of the band mixed with clips and photos uploaded by fans to the Twenty Pilots website. The video refreshes every three minutes and 40 seconds and plays again with a new set of images. Hours after its original premiere, the video is still going.

Watch the video below.

The video also marks the end of an elaborate digital scavenger hunt the band started earlier this month. On June 12th, the group hosted a 24-hour livestream on YouTube, which saw the release of an alternate reality game that asked fans to find and decipher 20 increasingly difficult codes hidden in various locations from the original “Level Of Concern” video to a glitched photo file. Finishing the challenge unlocked a webpage that allowed fans to upload their footage to the never-ending “Level of Concern” video.

“We didn’t think you would tear through the codes so easily,” Twenty One Pilots said on Twitter. “Should have taken a week but you did it in just over 12 hours. You got us this time. Now join in with your footage, your art, your dances, and be a part of the first ever never-ending music video.”

In a follow-up message, they added, “This community truly beats them all. For those not sure what we are talking about, we will post an explanation video soon for the locals.”

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