Hear New AFI Songs ‘Dulcería’ And ‘Far Too Near’

AFI have shared two more tracks from their upcoming album Bodies: “Dulcería” and “Far Too Near.”

“Dulcería,” co-written by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, is a mid-tempo number that’s funkier than anything the band has done in the past. With Davey Havok’s seductive vocals and Hunter Burgan’s bass groove, it gives off serious Dream Car vibes.

Speaking about the collaboration guitarist Jade Puget said, “Billy and I have a great creative connection when we’re writing together. It was inspiring to work with such a talented and legendary songwriter and ‘Dulcería’ is a testament to that.”

“Dulcería” suggests, if you spend too much time in the candy store you may end up stuck to the floor,” Havok added.

“Far Too Near” is more of what we’re used to from AFI: an uptempo rock song that bears a strong resemblance to The Cure. It sounds like an unreleased cut from 2017’s AFI (The Blood Album).

Listen to the new songs below.

Both songs will be released as a limited seven-inch vinyl, which can be ordered here.

AFI will release their new album, Bodies, on June 11th.

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