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Concert Review: Creeper’s Triumphant Return To Chicago’s Concord Music Hall

In 2018, UK’s Creeper descended onto Concord Music Hall to promote their debut album Eternity In Your Arms. Then as quickly as they came, they disappeared into the shadows laying in wait to make their return. It took six years, but last Friday (May 3) Creeper finally emerged from the darkness to make their triumphant return to Concord Music Hall with a new album and a new vampiric theme. It was definitely worth the wait.

The band is currently supporting Black Veil Brides’ Bleeders tour, but after their recent Chicago show it’s clear they should be headliners. Their set was 45 minutes of fiery guitar solos from Ian Miles, unbridled energy, loads of passion, and blood – they’re vampires after all (it’s part of the new lore). Though the majority of the crowd were unfamiliar with them, they still commanded the stage with the swagger and bravado of Mick Jagger mixed with The Sister of Mercy’s Andrew Eldritch.

It didn’t take long for the crowd to fall under the band’s infectious spell. As Creeper blazed through songs from their latest album, the crowd grew louder and more frantic. Their all too quick featured the best of SANGUIVORE: “Cry to Heaven,” “Lovers Led Astray,” “Teenage Sacrifice,” and “Sacred Blasphemy.” And for those who were already turned by Creeper longer ago – they were treated to “Down Below” from their excellent debut album.

Creeper’s adrenaline-fueled shows have only gotten better in their absence. They were already excellent performers, yet they’re somehow more confident, more engaging, more passionate. William von Ghould is an alluring frontman who had no problem turning the audience into putty in his hands. With a flick of the wrist and some delightful banter, the crowd hung on to his every word. He’s fearless onstage throwing his entire body into his performance. He even showed off some dance moves. He was campy, yet charming in his vampiric appeal.

After seven songs, the band rushed off stage back into the darkness that bred them. But that’s all it took to turn a brood of unfamiliars into Creeper fans. The band’s stage presence has only improved over the years. They put everything into their shows from their impassioned performances to fully committing to their vampiric theme. On top of this, they sound excellent. They are an absolute joy to watch on stage. Whether playing in sold-out arenas or small clubs, they truly give it their all. But the small stage can no longer contain them. It’s about time they reach headline status. Hopefully, their next trip to the States will see them play bigger venues where more people can be entranced by the magic and mystery that is Creeper.

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