Enter Shikari Announce Album, Release Video and More!

Its yet another good day to be an Enter Shikari fan, because the boys continue to spoil us! After the release of a brand new single last night on BBC Radio 1, the video for ‘Live Outside’ was released just now.

And there’s not just that! The lads also announced the new album’s name, release date and tracklist! So jolt down September 22nd in your agendas, ’cause that’s when Shikari’s ‘the Spark’ will be released.

Here is the tracklist!

1: The Spark
2: The Sights
3: Live Outside
4: Take My Country Back
5: Airfield
6:Rabble Rouser
7: Shinrin-yuko
8: Undercover Agents
9: The Revolt Of The Atoms
10: An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces (In Two Movements)
11: The Embers

You can pre-order the album in a series of bundles on the band’s website, and you can watch ‘Live Outside’ below! Enjoy!

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