Jimmy Eat World Drop New Song ‘Something Loud’

Jimmy Eat World have shared their new single “Something Loud” along with its accompanying video co-directed by the band and Austin Gavin.

Produced by the band and Justin Meldel-Johnson, the song is inspired by the overwhelming response to the When We Were Young Festival. The excitement over the announcement caused frontman Jim Adkins to do some professional and personal reflection:

“While I thought I made the most of the early band days, I realize now I missed some stuff,” Adkins explains. “You’re in such a hurry to grow out of the formidable years. Like shit-togetherness is going to magically arrive when you hit some age you thought ‘grownups’ were. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. But maybe the thing age and experience do reveal is that pivotal moments are hard to grasp when you are in them.

The best you can do is try to be as present as you can, all the time. That also means being aware when you are lost reliving your recollection of past-you. Are you being intentional, gathering data for your present? Or are you just escaping to hide from your present?”

Listen to the song below.

Jimmy Eat World are gearing up to embark on their European tour, which starts June 17th in Luxembourg. The band will launch their North American tour with Charly Bliss in August. Check out all their dates here.

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