OK GO Premieres New Music Video

Rock band OK Go have shared another innovative music video for their newest track “Obsession”. Directed by OK Go frontman Damian Kulash, Jr. and Yusuke Tanaka, with the support of the paper brand, Double A, the choreographed clip was shot in Japan over the course of two years (!) using 567 printers and a lot of paper. Watch the stunning music video below. “Obsession” is off OK Go’s latest album Hungry Ghosts.

“This song is about how our most intense and complicated emotions are also our simplest and most universal. Obsession is so overwhelming and perplexing, but it’s also so binary and basic – everything’s normal and then suddenly it’s not,” shared Kulash, Jr. “For the video, we wanted that same idea: take the simplest thing and just revel in how powerful and not-simple it really is. And animation is that – it’s just one picture on one piece of paper, then another, and then another, and somehow that progression turns into a whole universe. So we tried to create the physical version of that universe, a room where the walls can change into anything you imagine, but everything is made of just one piece of paper following the last.”

“And what a pleasure it was to collaborate with this team. Working with Yusuke was incredible, and we’ve been wide-eyed fanboys of Rizomatiks and Elevenplay (and Daito and Mikiko) for years, so this was a real dream come true. We learned, again, that the simplest ideas are always the hardest, and this team made miracles happen. We’re so thankful that Double A gave us this opportunity, not to mention the paper that inspired the whole thing!” Kulash, Jr. elaborated

“Because we are constantly looking for innovative ways to showcase Double A’s super smooth paper, it was a no-brainer to approach OK Go,” said Thirawit Leetavorn, Senior Executive Vice President at Double A. “OK Go’s viral video style and award -winning originality that draws viewers in is exactly what we were looking for in a creative partner.”

Alongside the launch of the video, Double A Paper will offer at least two lucky viewers the chance to meet the band in a city on their concert tour with VIP tickets and backstage passes. Other prizes include iphones and gift cards. Fans can enter the contest HERE. All of the paper used in the “Obsession” music video has since been recycled, with proceeds donated to Greenpeace.

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