Rou Reynolds Gives Update On Next Enter Shikari Album

Enter Shikari have spent most of 2019 on the road and working on their next album. While we don’t have many details, frontman Rou Reynolds has given us an update on what to expect from the next record.

Speaking with Kerrang, Renyolds reveals he was writing new material while out on the road. He says “I wasn’t really sure where to take things next, but there’s a real plan starting to form. There’ll be tracks on there that wouldn’t sound out of place on Take To The Skies or Common Dreads. There’s some heavy stuff, some euphoric things… the synths and guitars are bolder on this record.”

He continues “We’re trying to make the definitive Shikari record; the one that a fan would pass to their mate like, ‘You don’t know Shikari? This is where you start.’”

There’s no word on when Enter Shikari’s next album is expected to release.

The band recently shared a documentary of their Russian tour, which is available to watch now.

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