Royal Blood Returns With The Groove-Infused Single ‘Trouble’s Coming’

UK rockers Royal Blood return with their new single “Trouble’s Coming.”

The track, which the band teased last week, mixes their searing hard rock with a hint of infectious disco groove you’d expect from The Weeknd. The song is the first taste of their upcoming third album, which will be released Spring 2021.

Talking about the song, vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr says “It was the moment something started to click – where we started playing over those much more rigid dance beats. The breakthrough was realizing that there was real common ground between that and what we’d done before. It’s that AC/DC aspect: where the quality that makes the riffs seem so cutting is because of that beat. Although on the surface we were stepping outside what we’d done before, it didn’t feel at all unnatural; it felt like we were returning to music we’d loved from the very beginning: Daft Punk, Justice, things that were really groove-orientated. It was all about the beat. It felt like familiar territory, but something we’d censored in ourselves.”

Drummer Ben Thatcher adds, “When we first broke out, there were only two elements to the band. I didn’t just have to carry the beat, I’d have to color in the changes. We were both bearing a lot of freight, sonically. But this was a different challenge; less varied, maybe, but so satisfying as a drummer.”

Listen to the song below.

“Trouble’s Coming” will be released as a seven-inch single on September 25th. Pre-order a copy here.


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