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Song Review: Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin To Lust

It’s been quite a while since we heard from Chicago-based electronic music-act Telefon Tel Aviv: almost 10 years. After the release of their album ‘Immolate Yourself’ in 2009 the project fell silent, due to the death of fellow member Charles Cooper. But earlier this month Joshua Eustis surprised all of us with the release of a brand new track called ‘Something Akin To Lust’, a song that definitely lives up to its name!

You might know Joshua Eustis from various other projects such as ‘Second Woman’, and he also joined Nine Inch Nails on stage during their live performances in 2013. After that, he went back in to the studio and brought us  ‘Move to Pain’ under the name of ‘Sons of Magdalene’.

‘Something Akin to Lust’ takes you away to a brand new world to be explored, as the instrumental songs starts off quite haunting, but builds up to an exciting piece that makes me want to listen to it on repeat all day. It has that Telefon Tel Aviv-feel we love so much and it’s definitely good to hear something coming from the project again, after so long! The song will be released on May 26th, along with a Virtual Reality video directed by Timothy Saccenti, a 360° spatial audio mix and character illustrations by Steeve Teeple, but you can already listen to it below! It will also be featured on the album ‘Territories’, as part of a debut release from new label 79Ancestors. All 8 tracks of the album will come with their own virtual reality world, so exciting!

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