Voice Of Baceprot Share New Single, Announce Debut Album

Indonesian rockers Voice of Baceprot have shared their new single “What’s The Holy (Nobel) Today?” taken from their newly announced debut album RETAS, out next month.

Explaining the story behind the track, vocalist/guitarist Marsya says:

“In 2017, we started to engage in deeper and more serious discussions with [VOB’s counseling teacher] Abah Erza as he touched upon more significant issues. One of the most gut-wrenching topics that drained us emotionally was the horrors of war. Abah pointed out that the biggest casualties from such wars were always civilians, mostly women and children.”

Drummer Sitti continues, “You can read what the single is really about between the lines. We want to express our experience of being trapped in a ‘war’, which involves us being bullied on social media. Some would attack us with such intense fury through negative comments, even though we have never shown aggression towards anyone.”

“With ‘What’s the Holy (Nobel) Today?’ we are declaring that no positives can be taken from any war, wars separate and destroy,” says bassist Widi. “There is a political war just around the corner: the Indonesian presidential election. During previous elections, we were segregated from one another and turned against each other, even those from our closest social circle. We should learn not to let it happen again.”

Listen to the song below.

RETAS drops July 13th via 12Wired.

Voice of Baceprot will embark on their first-ever US tour later this summer from August 3rd to 19th. See all their dates here.

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