Watch Muse Play Show Of Deep Cuts For Fans In London

Muse will headline this year’s Reading & Leeds festival next weekend.

It’s not enough for them though – the band has decided to treat their fans to a more intimate show in London’s O2 Sheperds Bush Empire. And that’s still not everything – the ticket holders got to choose what songs they’d play.

Fans voted for their top 10 favorite Muse songs they wanted to hear, so the trio played many of their earlier, rarely-played songs, including “Glorious”, “Showbiz” and “Easily”, a 2006 b-side that Muse never performed live before.

During the encores, the trio used snippets of other artists’ music in their own songs, such as AC/DC’s “Back In Black” in “Hysteria”, Guns’n’Roses’ “Sweet Child Of Mine” in “Plug In Baby” or Ennio Morricone’s “Man With A Harmonica” in “Knights Of Cydonia”.

Watch the whole show below:

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