Beck And NASA Team Up For ‘Hyperspace’ Visual Album

Beck has teamed up with NASA to turn his latest album, Hyperspace, into a visual journey through space.

Hyperspace: A.I. Experience pairs each song from the 2019 album with images from space missions selected by NASA’s artificial intelligence technology. For example, “Dark Places” features pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope’s archives.

“The realization of these hyperspaces was executed by A.I. architects and directors OSK, who asked ‘How would artificial intelligence imagine our universe?’ In finding the answer, OSK created a unique A.I. utilizing computer vision, machine learning and Generative Adversarial neural Networks (GAN) to learn from NASA’s vast archives. After training on hundreds of thousands of images, videos and data points from NASA’s space exploration research and missions, the Hyperspace A.I. then began creating its own visions of our universe.”

Check out Hyperspace: A.I. Experience here.

Beck has also announced a deluxe reissue of Hyperspace, out December 4th. Dubbed Hyperspace (2020) the limited edition vinyl includes two extra tracks – a “soundscape” version of “Dark Places” and Beck’s rendition of Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos.” It also features new 2020 mixes of “Star,” “Hyperspace,” “See Through,” and “Die Waiting.” The reissue also comes with a holographic jacket and a 24-page book with AI images and NASA data for each track.

Pre-order a copy here.

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