Blink-182 Tease Release Of New Album

It’s almost been a year since blink-182 reunited with Tom DeLonge and announced a new record. It seems the wait will soon end. The band have shared a new teaser dubbed “STAY TUNED,” which suggests more news about the album is just around the corner.

On top of this, DeLonge recently shared on social media that “blink-182 music video(s) and album are only weeks (days) away. We are finally here.”

Bassist Mark Hoppus also chimed in and revealed on Discord that he listened to the finished album during a stroll through London and liked what he heard: “Last night I walked through Hyde Park listening to the new album and got so hyped.”

DeLonge also appears to love the material. Back in July, in a promotional video for his new limited edition Stratocaster guitar, DeLonge said: “I still think we’re writing our best songs. I think our album coming out is probably our best album we’ve ever made.”

It sounds like big things are happening very soon. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait for much longer!

Watch the teaser below.

The hype is real.
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