UPDATE: Blink-182 Tease New Music

New blink-182 is incoming. First, the band shared a brief teaser dubbed “STAY TUNED” hinting at the upcoming album. Additionally, DeLonge recently shared on social media that “blink-182 music video(s) and album are only weeks (days) away. We are finally here.” Now, the band are teasing new music.

UPDATE: blink-182 have shared another brief teaser with snippets of what seems to be new music from the band’s upcoming album. See it below.

If you visit the band’s website you’ll see it’s “closed for maintenance.” But those who are patient enough to just sit and watch the screen are greeted with a cleaner in a hazmat suit scrubbing off graffiti in a bathroom while listening to the band. Though there are some classics, it sounds like there’s some new music in there too. The cleaner also sets up a clock currently flashing “12:00.” Could this be a countdown clock?

On top of this, fans have started seeing blink-182 posters captioned “One More Time” pop up in various cities. Could this be hinting at the band’s next single? We’ll just have to wait and see. Check out the teasers below.

blink-182 recently postponed their European shows due to Travis Barker attending to “an urgent family matter.”

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