Creeper Share Revealing New Single ‘All My Friends’

Creeper have released their new brutally honest single “All My Friends.”

Described as “one of the most honest and revealing songs” ever penned by the band, they have also shared the stark black-and-white video for the track. Shot during quarantine, the clip features shots of frontman Will Gould singing while Hannah Greenwood plays the beautiful melody on the piano. It’s simple, yet is the perfect fit for a song about dealing with depression, sadness, and the fear that comes with almost losing a friend.

Watch the video below.

“All My Friends was born from the void during our darkest of times,” Gould tells NME. “The song was written late one night in Hollywood. I was left alone in the studio and found myself at the piano. it was such an honest expression that it almost felt too personal to release. Everyone had gone home from the studio for the night, I sat alone slumped over the piano in the live room and this song just fell out, it felt like it was trying to escape me.”

He continues, “It was a song I’d written for my best friend who could not be there with me, one that I thought no one would ever hear. It became clear as time went on that an important part of this record was the truth within the fiction. Hannah [Greenwood, keys] persuaded me to include it. It is the last song on our new album ‘Sex, Death & the Infinite Void’ and one that I hadn’t imagined people to hear for a few more months,” he added. “But considering the global situation we thought it apt to share it now.”

Creeper’s new album, Sex, Death, & the Infinite Void, comes out July 31st. Pre-order a copy here. The band recently launched a cover series titled “Sounds From the Void.” They kicked off the series with their cover of King Dude’s “Spiders in Her Hair.

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