Foo Fighters Release New EP ‘Live On The Radio 1996’

Foo Fighters have released their new EP Live On the Radio 1996, featuring acoustic versions of their old songs. The EP is available to stream exclusively through Amazon Music.

The EP was recorded 24 years ago for their appearance on the radio show ROCKLINE by producer Scott Weiss. Now a digital audio producer for Amazon Music, Weiss recently uncovered the recordings and worked with Bob Coburn and the ROCKLINE crew on the re-release.

Along with acoustic renditions of “For the Cows” and “Up In Arms,” the release also includes a previously unreleased version of “Wattershed” where Dave Grohl replaces the lyrics with a story about a trip to Canada, all sung in the style of the B-52s frontman Fred Schneider.

“The band laughed and then dove in and started to work up the idea. The show would cut away for commercials and [Foo Fighters] would practice the new ‘Wattershed’ idea,” said Weiss of the moment. “The version of ‘Wattershed’ that would soon be known as ‘Water Fred’ was born.” Read Weiss’ full account of the moment here.

Earlier this month, Foo Fighters performed a stripped-down set on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They followed this up with their first show since the pandemic at the Troubadour for the Save Our Stages Festival.


Live On the Radio 1996 EP by Foo Fighters album artwork cover art

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