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Gorillaz To Release Visual History Book ‘The Gorillaz Almanac’

The 20-year history of the cartoon band Gorillaz will be explored in the upcoming book The Gorillaz Almanac out this October.

The Gorillaz Almanac, published by Z2 Comics, will feature 120-plus full-color pages featuring co-creator Jamie Hewlett’s artwork for the band. The hardcover book will also include exclusive new artwork, the first-ever comic strip starring 2D, Noodle, Murdoc Niccals and Russel Hobbs, along with  “puzzles, games and a raft of special guest appearances from Gorillaz collaborators past and present.”

There are three different versions of the book: the standard edition; the deluxe edition is autographed by the band and features a slipcase, four art prints, a sticker sheet; and the super deluxe edition limited to 200 copies and housed in “unique packing.” All copies are available for pre-order here.

“Every fan of comics and animation has dreamed of seeing the Gorillaz make their comic book debut, with the Z2 team chief among them,” Z2 publisher Josh Frankel said in a statement. “The artwork, the music, and the mythos all add up to what is destined to be one of our most buzzed about releases in history, and when fans see just what we have planned, I know everyone will agree it was well worth the wait.”

“Twenty years of drawing the same characters you cant avoid change, I think I tried to draw more realism into them around the 4th album but now I find myself looking back at the original style, which reminds me of 1970’s Hannah Barbera cartoons which I grew up on,” Hewlett said. “Ultimately I would love to create an animation style as good as Chuck Jones’s style during the late 70’s. Also, I can afford to buy better pens now.”

Gorillaz recently performed “Aries” from their Song Machine series on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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