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CONTRACULT Collective Is The Next Industrial Band On The Rise

Thanks to the recent industrial metal resurgence, we’ve gotten exciting bands like 3Teeth, Youth Code, and HIDE. The next thrilling band to emerge from the scene is CONTRACULT Collective. Though they don’t even have an album out yet, they’ve already left their mark on the scene.

The L.A. duo, Svart and Cultprit, formed after the two met in Brooklyn and bonded over their love of industrial music. They started writing music together and soon found a sound they felt was missing in rock music. They signed with RoadRunner Records earlier this year and started making noise with their debut singles: the boot-stomping, Marilyn Manson meets Ministry “Hogtied” and their brutal, yet sexy cover of Hole’s “Violet.” They followed this up with the abrasive track “WDYT,” which offers damning commentary on our obsession with social media.

Now, the duo has shared their latest single “It’s The Water.” The high-energy track is a non-stop ride of pummeling beats, frantic guitars, and snarling vocals that make you want to get up and break something. Listen to it below.

CONTRACULT Collective’s sound definitely has its industrial roots but they fuse it with modern elements of rock and metal that makes them stand out from their peers. Their music is intense and aggressive, yet still manages to sound seductive and dangerous. Industrial has never sounded so catchy and ferocious at the same time. With such promising singles, we can’t see what they do next.

CONTRACULT Collective is currently working on their debut full-length album. In the meantime, you can check out their songs here. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. Also, check out their new mini-documentary about the origins of CONTRACULT Collective here.

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