Mick Mars Claims Mötley Crüe Bandmates Didn’t Speak To Him During 2022 Tour

The feud between Mick Mars and Mötley Crüe rages on. In the midst of lawsuits and bickering, the guitarist has revealed how he and his bandmates didn’t talk during their 2022 tour.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Mars says his bandmates didn’t speak to him throughout the year leading up to his retirement from touring last October.

“Nobody spoke to me in 2022,” Mars said. “A lot of the time felt like I was just playing by myself. You know how you can be in a crowd of people and still feel alone? That’s how I felt that whole tour. I felt used, sad, and inferior. When we played the last show [in Las Vegas on September 9, 2022] I felt relieved. A lot of the pressure was gone. But I was very emotionally wounded. They weren’t just shallow wounds. They were deep ones; the kind you can’t get over.”

He went on to discuss the ongoing legal battle with the band claiming the lawsuit isn’t just about money:

“Just let me retire and have my legacy,” he said. “I don’t want to be a drama guy. I want to be a fuckin’ happy guy. But what do I get handed? Plates of shit. I don’t want it. I’m beat up on that shit. Let me have my legacy so that I can enjoy what I’ve done.”

He continued: “I own one quarter, or even half, I don’t know for sure, of Mötley Crüe Inc., which trickles down to all the other Mötley Crüe entities. I’m not asking for a right arm or left arm. But dammit man, I’ve never seen anybody have to go through this shit when they want to retire. I’m not an employee of Mötley Crüe though. I’m an owner.”

Mötley Crüe replaced Mars with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. The band will embark on a US tour with Def Leppard next month. Check out their dates here.

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