Hear Ultra Q’s Dreamy New Single ‘Saturday’

Ultra Q have shared one final single in anticipation of their upcoming debut album.

The song “Saturday” sees the band further leaning into their dream-pop, shoegaze-inspired sound with lush guitars and Jakob Armstrong’s gentle, crooning vocals. The track was a “total accident” according to frontman Jakob Armstrong.

“I had already started working on what would become various tracks for the album, but up to that point my recording ability was limited to electronic drums.

“I really wanted to learn how to do simple drum recordings for my demos, so I set up a little three microphone kit. Bass drum, snare, and overhead. I made a blank session and just played a drum beat on loop so I could mess with my settings. I thought the beat was interesting so I started adding some deep and epic synths to the track – similar to Plainsong by The Cure. My next thought was to yell some new order lyrics and then Saturday was born.

“And yes, I wrote the song on a Saturday.”

Check out the song below.

“Saturday” follows previously released singles “Rocket,” “Klepto,” “VR Sex,” and “I Watched Them Go.”

Ultra Q’s debut album, My Guardian Angel, drops June 9th. Pre-order it here.

Ultra Q kicks off their tour with Waaves and Cloud Nothings this week. Check out all their dates here.

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