Voivod Release New ‘Overreaction’ Live Video

Progressive metal innovators Voivod have shared a new live clip for “Overreaction” from their recently release live album, Lost Machine – Live.

The clip, directed by Felipe Belalcazar, features the band tearing it up on stage with audio recorded in Québec City (07/13/2019), video filmed in Montréal (06/30/2019).

“And last but not least, “Overreaction,” the new single/video from our brand new release Lost Machine – Live,” exclaims drummer Michel ‘Away’ Langevin. “This old classic from Killing Technology has been on the setlist since 1987. It really gets the crowd going, and us too! Once again, splendid video direction by Felipe Belalcazar and thanks to Jaan Silmberg for animating my artwork. Enjoy our new live album!!“

Watch the video below.

Lost Machine – Live is out now. Voivod is currently working on their next album. During our interview with guitarist Chewy, he spoke about the next record saying:

“I wrote a bunch of ideas in March and now everybody has more time to focus on it. Away started sending me drum tracks. I do all the templates with the tempo track and all the technical stuff. Then I send that to him, and he sends me back the drum tracks so I can work. And [bassist] Rocky will lay down some tracks on them very soon. Snake will listen to it, have a go at improvising over them, and add a few ideas. A big part of the band’s sound is being in the jam space together and improvise around those ideas. This is a different kind of creative process, which is exciting in a way. I miss that spontaneity factor that creates the two seconds of magic you can rely on to create a whole long progressive song, but it’s gonna come in time, I guess.”

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