Waterparks Share New Single ‘Numb’

Waterparks have shared their new song “Numb,” taken from their upcoming album, Greatest Hits.

The song was recently performed live during the trio’s weekend ANTI-TOUR stream, and follows previously released singles “Snow Globe” and “Lowkey As Hell.” The infectious hook finds frontman Awsten Knight singing “You only like me whеn I’m numb/Now I’m mad about—I don’t know what/All I know is that this isn’t fun.”

Listen to the song below.

Speaking with Kerrang! about the direction of the new album, Knight said:

“I’m glad we’ve set the bar and the expectation of, ​‘Hey, we’re going to make all kinds of weird shit, and shit that you’re not going to expect.’ We’ve opened the door to be able to do anything, and my only hope is that people don’t go into it expecting too much of one thing, because they will never, ever, ever be right. Here’s the thing: I know it’s great, and I hope they’re willing to just take it in as music and not, ​‘This is what I want from Waterparks.’ As long as the approach is to appreciate it and hear it for what it is then I think they’re gonna fucking love it.”

Waterparks’ fourth studio album, Greatest Hits (no, it’s not a compilation), drops May 21st via 300 Entertainment. Pre-orders available here.


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