Acrobat dies at Mad Cool Festival, Fans Enraged About Continuation of Green Day Set

An acrobat has died at Mad Cool Festival in Spain this evening after plunging about 50ft to his death in front of 35,000 people! Apparently the acrobat was performing a stunt that had him secured with a harness in a small cage above the festival crown when the harness suddenly snapped. The incident was witnessed by the crowd below.
Emergency serviced performed first aid on site but couldn’t save the man who died from his injuries. Our condolences go out to his family!

The incident happened right before the Green Day set which continued on as if nothing had happened. Several festival goers left the area enraged. When the news spread online, several Green Day fans shared their disappointment in the band for continuing their set, but it is yet to be determined if the band even knew about the accident. Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports that the police consulted with festival owners before deciding to continue the festival as planned. UPDATE: the band has issued a statement regarding the accident.


Green Day seem to be followed by trouble this past week considering that their last gig in Glasgow was canceled due to severe weather conditions which was met by an outcry of devastated concert goers. Apparently the organiser PCL has had issues with organising the event properly and failing at building the stage in time. Green Day later on issued in a statement that they “don’t care if its raining fucking sideways” implying that the cancelation wasn’t their decision.

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